Российские семинары Мастера Ван Лина:  Крым, май 2019 


Zhong He Tai Chi

Автор: Семен Турмачев.

The training system Zhuong He is conducted at Master Wang Lin’s School. Zhong He (translated from Chinese, Zhong - medial, correct, He - harmony) in directions: Tai Chi and Qigong.

Zhong He Tai Chi uses a set of methods and techniques of Zhong He Qigong, Chinese traditional Tai Chi, Signa and other martial arts.

Qigong gives the necessary base for inner work, without which deep study and comprehension of Tai Chi are impossible.

Studies at School are held at seminars and regular classes in groups (up to 15 people). The seminars provide theoretical basis, group classes are aimed at practical work. Regular classes and one-day seminars are held throughout the year (from September to August). Multi-day retreats are traditionally held in the autumn, in the winter and in the spring - in the localities near Moscow and other cities of Russia, in the summer - in China.

Zhong He Tai Chi has two directions:

- health-improving

- martial

Theoretical basis of the system Zhong He is studied at classes and seminars. Practical drill of gained knowledge goes further through various exercises (alone and in pairs) and Tai Chi complexes, such as:

- 24 form and 42 form of Yang style,

- 40  form and 83 form of Chen style,

- form with a fan of Chen style,

- form with a sword of Chen style.