Российские семинары Мастера Ван Лина:  Крым, май 2019 


About Master Wang Lin

Master Wang Lin was born in 1977 in China, in the urban district of Cangzhou, Hebei Province in the family where everyone is doing traditional martial arts, passing on the secrets of mastery from one generation to another. Cangzhou is the motherland of the traditional martial art Bājíquán (Chinese Traditional . 八极拳, pīnyīn : Bājíquán). Cangzhou is known as a "nest of Wushu ", as a place of "the hidden dragon and the sheltered tiger ". It is not an exaggeration.  Since the ancient times for everyone in Cangzhou -  rich and poor, adults and children, men and women, old and young - martial arts training has become an everyday affair, handed down from generation to generation.

Wang Lin began to practice Wushu regularly at the age of five years under the guidance of his father. When he was eight, he entered the sport Wushu school.  Then, after finishing the school, - he entered the faculty of traditional Kung Fu in the University of Physical Culture, Hebei Province, where he presented his master's thesis. During his studies Wang Lin began teaching Kung Fu professionally at the university.

Master Wang Lin is the first magister of Kung Fu from Hebei Province, the international category judge for Tai Chi, Wushu and Sanda. He has been invited as a judge at international competitions in China and Russia many times.

While he was a student, the Master chose for himself the main direction which he steeped himself in completely. That was theoretical and practical aspects of Qigong and "internal" styles of martial arts. He devoted himself to the study and spreading the ancient knowledge and unique systems related to internal Qigong practices and martial arts that originated in China in ancient times.

In 2002, Master Wang Lin came to Russia, where he began to teach Tai Chi and Qigong for those who wanted to learn martial arts and unique healing practices of ancient China.

Master Wang Lin School of Tai Chi and Qigong was opened in Moscow in 2003. The main goal of the school is to study theoretical aspects and practical exercises of ancient systems for physical and spiritual growth.

Master developed a unique system of integrated harmonious development of man – the System Zhong He, consisted of two inextricably intertwined to each other parts - Zhong He Tai Chi and Zhong He Qigong. This exact system is laid in the basis of studying in the School.

Master Wang Lin is a true master of internal practices of Qigong and martial arts. All his entire life he has been studying and practicing the ancient systems of physical and energetical human development. His path is the path of non-stop everyday development, the way of life as an art. He creates his own reality and he is ready to open the way of life for his students where health, wealth and love are the natural state of being.